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We make your website discoverable by search engines so that potential clients can find it when actively searching for products and services that you offer.


Say Bookkeeping (now Varo Team), a bookkeeping and accounting firm in Miami Beach, launched in October of 2017 and as a new business needed to create an online presence to raise awareness among and communicate with potential clients.


We Search Engine Optimized Say Bookkeeping’s website to ensure that it would come up on the first page of search results in Google for the keywords that potential clients actually use to search for the products and services the firm offers.

Say Bookkeeping (now Varo Team) ranks organically in the top 3 of the search results for the keywords “bookkeeping in miami beach” in Google,

and has an online presence in all search engines and most social media platforms which has allowed them to reach potential clients wherever they are. Say Bookkeeping went from 5 clients in 2018 to 150+ clients in less than 2 years, have opened a sales office in New York City and is now merging with another firm to become Varo Team.


"I started my business two years ago with very few clients and a mediocre website which was no where to be found on google.... Digital FX completely redesigned our website, and improved its organic search position on google. Through their efforts we are now number one in our market, and are capturing a huge number of leads through google. We constantly receive positive feedback about our website's design, and we've increased our client numbers from 5 to over 150+ in just two years. I highly recommend them for new or established businesses who need help growing their customer base through their website. It is the smartest investment I've ever made.


Giuseppe Salamone


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